Demitasse’s journey began long before our first speciality coffee shop. Our vision began ten years ago when my husband and I first had the idea. We have always shared a love and passion for coffee and a deep understanding that the true enjoyment of coffee culture goes far beyond that which meets the eye.

Over the last ten years, we have lived in Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East, before most recently settling in London. Throughout this journey, we have seen what we believe has worked well in independent coffee shops and have considered what we would do differently. With this mindset, we decided to commit and bring to life the passion for our own speciality coffee shop that had been simmering for over a decade.



Our vision is a world-renowned coffee experience, delivered through excellence in experience and environment and brought to life by our team, to delight every customer.

The thought and quality that goes into every aspect of our business is informed by our combined experiences as well as our individual cultures and backgrounds. These in turn have led us to develop different perspectives on what it is that makes the most sought-after coffee experiences in the world. Demitasse offers a truly international speciality coffee shop experience for the deeply multicultural city of London.