The team at our coffee shop in Wimbledon is very diverse. The wide array of cultures and languages fuels the experience they offer to their customers.

Personal knowledge across various hospitality settings has resulted in taking the best processes from each to make a truly international experience for a profoundly multicultural city.


After choosing the perfect location, the heart of Wimbledon Village, at number twenty-one, owner Elizabeta started to work on the coffee shop interior design.

She decided to collaborate with the Liqui Group, known for its global experience and multicultural lens in curating and delivering its brand promise to our customers.



Excellence is a concept that holds great value in Elizabeta’s life, allowing her to emphasise and understand her customer’s expectations when they come through the coffee shop door.

During the extensive training all staff completed before they opened, the team made excellence their purpose, offering a consistent standard that is never compromised. No compromises mean the highest quality products, ingredients, and suppliers. It means the most attentive and qualified service experts bring those ingredients to life.
Investments in the right people and pioneering coffee bar technology make Demitasse one of London’s best coffee shops. The equipment at Demitasse is the most beautiful and practical; be sure to look at it next time you come by!