The rich experience that we bring together in our new coffee shop in Wimbledon comes from our individual backgrounds and cultures which have informed the thought and quality that has gone into every aspect of our business. These cultures provide us with different perspectives on what the most sought-after coffee experiences in the world consist of. Demitasse offer a truly international experience for a deeply multicultural city.

A highly curated coffee experience is far broader than the drink you choose: it is about the atmosphere of the coffee shop from the moment you walk through the door; it is about how you make and receive your choice, and then make it your own; and it is about how you can enjoy your choice, at the pace that suits you.


With our customers in mind, we have painstakingly sought the right location for them and have taken the time to design a space that they can fully enjoy. We want Demitasse to be regarded as one of the best coffee shops in London.

We chose to collaborate with Liqui Group, who share our passion and dedication for delivering the perfect coffee shop interior design for our customers, bringing their global experience and multicultural lens in curating and delivering our brand promise to our customers.



Excellence is non-negotiable for us. We understand the value of this in our own lives, and therefore we empathise with our customers’ expectations and their own appreciation of excellence. As a result, our eye for detail is second to none. Our speciality coffee shop is profoundly personal to us. As a family business, Demitasse is an extension of ourselves, our values, and our commitment to each and every customer. Taking this as our purpose, we offer a consistent standard of excellence and like you, we never compromise our standards.


Demitasse delivers an unparalleled experience and environment in our beautiful coffee shop in Wimbledon. This is enabled by our investment in the right people as well as pioneering coffee bar technology. This combination means that we can create the perfect cup of coffee for each customer with theatre and connection, allowing our baristas to share this experience with you.


No compromises mean the highest quality products, ingredients, and suppliers. It means the most attentive and qualified service experts to bring those ingredients to life. We aim to beat our own expectations to make sure that our customers have the best possible experience because this is what we expect when we take our leisure time too.

The search for the perfect coffee roaster for our coffee shop in Wimbledon was a decision we invested significant time in. Knowing how important the choice we made would be to our customers, we selected Curious Roo. Like us, they are a family-run business, founded by a husband and wife team who share our passion for coffee and wanted to make their own vision a reality. And, like them, we know that the right tools and materials are crucial in order to maximise the experience from each coffee bean and produce the best we possibly can.