Speciality coffee is at the heart of Demitasse’s beautiful Wimbledon cafe, so we thought we’d take a look at what goes into creating our favourite beverage.

Speciality coffee is, in simple terms, the best coffee you can get. From the farm to your cup, every part of the process has been expertly handled. This often starts on small-scale farms found in select parts of the world where the altitude and climate are optimum for growing coffee. The farmers strive to produce the very best beans possible to ensure that they are selected by specialist green coffee buyers who have refined palates comparable to that of a sommelier. By controlled tasting of brewed coffees (cupping), they determine whether beans have the quality required to be graded as speciality coffee. Only the finest green beans go on to the roasters who, through a skilful process involving an understanding of thermodynamics and chemistry, together with an artisanal attention to detail, produce roasted coffee beans of the highest quality. It’s only then that the talented baristas at Demitasse can combine their knowledge of flavour profiles with skilled operation of the brewing equipment to create the very best speciality coffee for your cup.


Our specialty coffee beans are supplied by the experts at Curious Roo, who are widely considered to be the best coffee roasters in London. 

They have an enduring passion for creating roasts that are perfectly balanced with great taste, whether it’s one of their unique blends or a single-origin coffee. 

After Elizabeta completed some of their training courses in 2019, she began to build a relationship with the owners Edwin and Magda. A friendship grew, and they lent her a lot of support in the process of opening her café. Delivering specialty coffee is a complicated process, and Edwin and Magda have always been on the other side of the phone or on Demitasse’s doorstep to lend advice and a listening ear.

A favourite at Demitasse is the Barn Door Blend, which is an exquisite blend of Brazilian and Colombian coffee, created to be the ultimate crowd-pleaser. With notes of milk chocolate and caramel sweetness, it has a wonderful red apple aftertaste and works well from espresso to milk-based drinks.



Whether you prefer the intensity of a shot of espresso with its concentrated punch or the creamier flavour of a latte, Demitasse offer a great selection of delicious speciality coffees using our state-of-the-art mod bar. The modern clean lines not only look stylish but the sophisticated under-counter modular brewing system allows us the scope to create exceptional coffee in a variety of ways. Many coffee enthusiasts prefer the pour-over method. They believe it allows greater control of the water temperature, the speed it can be poured over the grounds, and that the amount of brewing time. Together with the pour over coffee ratio these variables affect not only the strength and texture of the coffee but ultimately the taste too. For our V60 pour over coffee we use the single origin, Nicaraguan El Recuerdo. This has subtle notes of raspberry, cherry, milk chocolate and biscuit. While for our standard pour over coffee we offer single origin Ethiopian Chelbesa, which has a fruity tone consisting of Blueberry, Mango and Dark Chocolate. Why not try them both and see which one you like the taste of most?

If you prefer your speciality coffee to be decaffeinated, Demitasse has a delicious Swiss Water Process decaf that is a Brazilian blend with a lovely rounded mouth feel. With chocolate, fruity and sweet notes it has a vibrant acidity without any of the bitterness usually associated with decaf coffee.